Important Announcements

Important Announcements

  • Granville. T. Woods PS 335 P.S. 335 Has An App!

    Dear Parents/Guardians, we are pleased to inform you that our school has an App!  Please download our App to find information, news, and events, happening at our school.

    P.S. 335

    May 18, 2023

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    We are pleased to inform you that with the support and advocacy of our City Council Members, PS 335 will be receiving capital improvements  in the form of upgrades to our electrical systems which will include:

    1 fixtures 

    2 lighting 

    These potential infrastructure improvements will prove to be great refinements to our school building overall. 

    Thank you parents for your support as we advocate together to make 335’s environment safe, efficient and effective.



    Althea Johnson

    Principal  IA

    P.S. 335


    Please join us to VOTE for  school year 2023-2024's 

    NEW--Parent Association Members and SLT  Members

    Time:6:00 PM

    Zoom Link

    Meeting ID

    You can nominate yourself or someone else on the night of the election.

    This is an opportunity to have a significant impact on the trajectory of PS 335!!


    P.S. 335
  • PA & SLT Elections on May 24

    Please be informed of the PA & SLT election process.

    Please see the attached memo--Page 9 for specific guidance on this process.



    interested in serving the school in this capacity.

    P.S. 335
  • A Virtual Town Hall Event

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    Click HERE to REGISTER:
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    P.S. 335
  • Vote Now For Your Education Council Representatives!

    Voting is currently underway in the Community and Citywide Education Council elections.

    The councils play a vital role in giving parents a real voice in the future of their schools and in strengthening the connection between our families and our educators, and we are asking for your help in ensuring the largest possible turnout for the elections.

    All parents are  encouraged  to vote in CCEC elections before the May 9 deadline. 

    If you are an NYC Public Schools parent, make sure you take time to learn about the candidates and vote!

    Parents vote through their NYC Schools Account with their students linked. 

    Parents who do not have an account can sign up at 

    Anyone who needs help voting or wants to learn more can speak with our school’s parent coordinator-Yvette Holley.

    More information is available on the CCEC Election page.


    Parents are our most important partners in educating our students, and this is an important way to make sure that partnership is as powerful as it can be.

    P.S. 335
  • Elections 2023 Community and Citywide Education Councils (CCECs)

    Elections 2023 Community and Citywide Education Councils (CCECs)


    2023 Community and Citywide Education Council Elections

    The 32 Community Education Councils and 4 Citywide Education Councils make important decisions about your child’s education. 

    Meet the candidates running for seats.

    View recordings of past forums here.

    Voting starts on April 21 through May 9.

    Questions about voting?  Join a Q&A session from April 21 to May 9.

    For questions about the 2023 elections email us at:


    What do the Education Councils do?

    Community Education Councils (CECs) 

    CECs are composed of volunteer parents and community leaders who are responsible under state law for supporting their local district schools with the goal of raising student achievement. This support takes many forms: 

    • Collaborating with the superintendent in assessing the impact of the district’s educational programs and student progress.
    • Making recommendations for improvements to school buildings.
    • Providing input in the hiring of superintendents and parent coordinators, and submitting a yearly evaluation of the superintendent.
    • Approving zones for new schools and rezoning of existing schools when necessary.
    • Organizing town halls with the chancellor and holding hearings on the budget and other matters where the DOE is required to collect public feedback.
    • Providing input on DOE proposals for school closings and co-locations.
    • Through their public meetings, serving as a forum for parents to learn about DOE policies and initiatives and to express their views and concerns.
    • Supporting school communities by liaising with School Leadership Teams and helping connect parents with resources through presentations at their monthly meeting. 

    Citywide Education Councils 

    The four citywide councils represent the interests of: 

    • High school students (Citywide Council on High Schools [CCHS]);
    • English Language Learners (Citywide Council on English Language Learners [CCELL]); and
    • Students with disabilities (Citywide Council on Special Education [CCSE] and the Citywide Council for District 75 [CCD75]). 

    The citywide councils are responsible for advising and commenting on educational policies that involve the student communities they represent; issuing an annual report on the effectiveness of the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) in providing services to the represented student communities; and holding at least one public meeting per month during which the public may discuss issues facing high schools (CCHS), English Language Learners (CCELL), and students with disabilities (CCSE and CCD75). 

    The best way to learn about the councils is to see them in action. Attend their meetings and learn more About Community and Citywide Education Councils.

    P.S. 335
  • Tell Governor & Legislators NO ZOMBIES!

    Dear Community, 
    We are hearing that the Governor and the legislature are about to agree on the budget with 22 zombie charters to be revived in exchange for the state paying for facilities rental. 
    Tell Governor & Legislators NO ZOMBIES!
    Drawings of zombies saying no zombie charters
    The Governor and the State legislators are still negotiating the state budget and as part of the negotiation, reviving "zombie charters" (charters that have been closed or never opened) is being considered. 
    Please send an email to the Governor, Speaker, Majority Leader and your Assembly member and Senator and tell them not to revive the zombie charters! 
    After you take the online action, please make two phone calls! 
    Call Your Assembly Member and Senator Now!
    Sharing the campaign by Class Size Matters: 
    Please call your legislators TODAY! Tell them NO MORE charter schools, Zombie or otherwise! You can find your Assembly Member's phone no. here; your State Senator's phone no. here. Call first to their Albany office; if you can't get through, then their district office. If you leave a message be sure to say you're a constituent, and leave your address and phone no. and ask them to call you back.
    A short script is below. 
    My name is ____, and I'm a constituent of [Assembly Member or Senator ___].  I'm calling to urge him/her to oppose allowing any more charter schools to open, either in NYC or statewide, whether zombie or otherwise, that could cost our public schools another billion dollars or more. I know my child's public school does not have a penny to spare.
    If speaking to a staffer: Do you know if s/he will fight to block any more charter schools?  
    If leaving a message: My address is ____, my phone # is ____, and I'd appreciate a call back to let me know his/her position on this issue.   Thanks!
    CCEC Elections Happening! Get Your NYCSA Today!
    Citywide & Community Education Council elections started on April 21st.  You must have an active NYC Schools Account to vote.  Please make sure you have an account and it is active today.  In order to create an account or re-activate an account, you need a code from your school! 
    Please support our work by donating. ECC is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.
    P.S. 335

    Thursday, April 27, 2023

    6:00 p.m. -7:30 p.m.

    P.S. 335
  • Summer Rising-Please Register Now if Interested

    Summer Rising Registration Information
    This is first come first serve
    Family Update regarding key dates and information about Summer Rising
    P.S. 335
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